Back From San Antonio

We took a short vacation to San Antonio for Dana’s annual family gathering. We flew out last Saturday and returned last night. Cu Dao’s first flying experience was great. He walked around the airport prior boarding; therefore, he napped on our arms as soon as we took off. He woke up two hours later and just hang out until we landed. He didn’t cry at all when we were landing. He was probably fascinated by the scene outside the window and didn’t realize that we were going down.

Dana’s family rented out two houses by the river. One of the houses was alway packed with more than 20 people. It was great to meet and hang out with the everyone ranging from 15 months (that’s Cu Dao) to 80 something. We rented our own hotel right downtown so we could escape all the craziness inside the houses.

Because of the heat and the changing temperature from inside air conditioner and the outside fire, Duke got a fever for two days, yet he was no less active. One of our cousins was a pediatrician so we had him monitored. He was doing fine when we flew back. We got back home a bit late last night and he was already asleep. He didn’t want to get up but we had to drag him to daycare. I dropped him off and he cried a little.