No More Tears

Last Friday, you made me proud. You almost stopped crying when I dropped you off at daycare. When I handed you over to Ms. Meaghan, you scream out twice. She teased you saying that you cried simply because that’s the thing you do in your daily routine. I hope you enjoy your time there.

Ms. Meaghan also told me that you were dancing, clapping and enjoying yourself at the pep rally during school. I could just see in my mind the delightful spirit of yours. I hope you will keep that wonderful joy for the rest of your live. Keep up your lively spirit and be yourself.

You might be small (according to a stranger who complimented that you’re the smallest walking person she had ever seen), but you’re doing really well. I love the way you just wondering around the mall and trying to touch everything you’re curious about. When you grow older, you’ll probably will run into those comments. So be yourself and don’t let anything get into your head.

I don’t have too much experience with kids since you’re my first; therefore, I just go along with what my instinct tells me. I am so happy that you’re actually making my life easier by being curious and willing to try anything. I try to give you any food that you might enjoy and you response by tasting it. Most of the time, you’ll like it. It’s food to try different flavors, my son. You’ll appreciate the richness of food when you get older so continue to to be adventurous.

I apology if I make you listen too much of Miles Davis. I hope you enjoy listening to him as much as I do since you don’t seem to complain. Sometimes you uttered the words mimicking the trumpet lines as if you could pick up Miles’s playing. At time you hold the bottle of milk in your hands like you’re holding a horn. How cool is that?

Well son, it’s one in the morning so I better catch some sleep. I will write more for you next time. Love you more and more each day.