Catching the Shadow

I took you down to the basement to help me with laundry. I flipped up the light and let you walked. You walked toward your own shadow, got on your knees and touched your shadow. It was one of the cutest things I have ever witnessed. You were so innocent and I love that so much about you.

You still cry every morning when I drop you off at the daycare. When I walked out the door, I sat outside, tied up my shoes slowly and listened for your voice. It took about five minutes for you to calm down. You’re making good progress, buddy. Even though I was not around when you were in daycare, I always thought of you. Mom told me that you were dancing with your teacher, Ms Natalie, when she picked you. Ms. Natalie must be your favorite teacher. You didn’t want her to go on break so you stood at the door yelling when I came in to take you home. Ms. Natalie told me that you were holding a girl’s hand when she took you guys on a buggy ride. Good choice, boy. She’s a cutie with the big eyes.