The “F” Word

This year’s Memorial weekend, we went to the beach and I took Samantha and Eric along. They love water so as soon as we arrived, they wanted to go the beach right away. Since they only got to stay for two days, I wanted to make the most out of the trip even though I was so tired from the five-hour drive.

The water was cold so I let them played for about half an hour. When I told them to wrap it up, Eric didn’t want to. I had to repeat several timed before he would obey. As we were walking back, I called my sister to give her status on the kids. I told her that they were being very good except that Eric didn’t do what I instructed him to a minute ago.

After we hung up the phone, Eric got mad and cried. I asked him what’s wrong and he told me that I said the “F” word to his mom. I was like, what are you talking about? I didn’t say any “F” word. He asked me to come closer and whispered something in my ear. He didn’t wanted to say out loud because he didn’t want Samantha to hear. He whispered several times and I couldn’t make out what he was trying to tell me.

I tried to guess the word, but nothing was right. Of course, I didn’t guess that “F” word. So finally he said that I said “pha” (misbehaved in Vietnamese) to his mom. He demanded me to call his mom back and say that Eric was not “pha.” So I called up my sister and told her that, “Eric is a very good boy and I didn’t use the ‘F'” word.