The Death of the Discman

I asked one of the salesmen if Sears carries Discman. The guy didn’t even know what I was talking about. I had to explain to him I was looking for a portable CD player. Sears doesn’t carry discman anymore and the salesman probably thought I came from the stone age or something.

As much as I love my iPod Touch, I do not have the time to rip 72 CDs from Miles Davis’s The Complete Columbia Album Collection . In addition to time, it would take up too much a space on my hard drive. I want to be able to jog while jamming to Miles Davis and the easiest way is to get a Discman, but it seems like it is obsoleted. I gave my mom a really cool one from Sony a few years ago. I might have to ask her to get it back since she is no longer using it.

I just can’t believe the Discman is already dead. Man that was fast. RIP the discman.