14 Months

It’s about time the little guy starts to walk. Two nights before, Duke discovered that he could walk on the mattress instead of sleeping on it. Through walky talky, I could hear Duke and Dana laughed out loud instead of settling down to sleep. Yesterday he began to take some drunken steps while clapped his hands. He has been able to stand on his own for about a month now when he’s into something exciting and forgot to grab onto something.

Cu Dao still cries every morning at the daycare drop off. Fortunately, he only lasted for about fifteen to twenty minutes after I left. I came to pick him up last Wednesday and he was playing with his classmates until he spotted me. The teachers continue to be very patience with him. They also figure out his schedule or his eating and sleeping habits. Duke is getting into the groove of things except for the crying in the morning.

Cu Dao is very aware of his environment and he knows exactly what he wants. He would keep on pointing his finger until we give him what he has in mind. At meal time, he wouldn’t eat until he could get something on his hands to explore. The more complex the object the faster the meal gets done. He eats well and drink lots of milk. In fact, milk is currently his favorite food/drink. He could drink milk any time and under any circumstances. We are very glad that he loves milk.