Relaxin’ With Duke and Miles

Duke got kicked out of daycare yesterday after vomited twice and could not return in 24 hours. Dana had spent a whole week with him yesterday so I could do my work. She also picked up him yesterday at noon and spent the rest of the day with him. I got caught up with my work so I took the day off to watch him. I also need to catch up some sleep and recover from coughing and soar throat.

My day had been just feeding him, watching a bit of World Cup and relaxing with Miles Davis: The Complete Columbia Album Collection. I am currently listening to Davis’s live and unreleased materials. The more I listen the more I am hooked on the way he plays. He doesn’t play a whole lot, but what he plays worth waiting for. I told my wife I’ll open a “Relaxin’ With Miles” Coffee Shop so I could drink coffee and listen to Miles all day. Even Duke digs Miles. He is sleeping with Miles on and daddy is typing this while enjoying Miles Davis at Newport 1958 with his all-star band: John Coltrane, Cannonall Adderley, Bill Evans, Paul Chambers and Jimmy Cobb.

If you’re going to listen to Miles Davis, might as well invest in Miles Davis: The Complete Columbia Album Collection. It comes out to about $6/pop and most of Miles’s albums are classic even his unreleased records. I am really digging his fusion direction. The more I listen to Bitches Brew the more I love electric Miles. His executions on these tracks are beyond beauty.