It’s Been a While

What a week it was. Work took up most of my time. For the past four days, I worked from nine to five and then from 10 to two in the morning. Friday night I was so burned out that I went to bed at ten and then got up at 3 in the morning and worked until noon. Lacking of sleep made life a living hell. I felt drowsy and sick the whole time. What is taking so much time is the migration into Vignette, a CMS. The University uses a very complex system to solve such a simple task. For instance, making a list of links in a module takes ten times longer than just writing the simple HTML list. It’s just ridiculous. Still I have to give credits to the web team at the university for its incredible support. I spent a few days with them and had a chance to get to know them better. Alright enough about work.

Duke had been sick a whole week as well so Dana stayed home with him for four days. My sister-in-law was able to look after him for one. I felt horrible because I couldn’t take any day off due to the deadline of the launch day. Stay home one week and go to daycare the next had been his routine. I hope we can get over that soon.

I haven’t been catching up with the World Cup much so I’ll try to spend today watch the next two games Slovakia vs. Paraguay and Italy vs. New Zealand. Miles Davis: The Complete Columbia Album Collection had arrived at my front door yesterday. 52 albums altogether and I haven’t listened to a handful of them. I can’t wait. Have a great Father’s Day and enjoy watching the World Cup all the dads.