Dam Vinh Hung – Khoang Cach

Being dubbed as the star of the stars, Dam Vinh Hung continues to make commercial success out of mediocrity. How does he do it? Mr. Dam simply mastered the art of promotion. With every album release comes a whole backstory with it.

As usual, the music on his latest release, Khoang Cach, sucks, but the concept behind it sells. Weaving together a bunch of sugary, campy ballads, Mr. Dam heightens the drama of his eight-year relationship. He told the press, “I started to have feeling for the opposite sex when I was in third grade, began to fall in love in eighth grade, but I respect the most the relationship I had in the past eight years. Unfortunately, I fell for another girl while in the relationship. She was a very nice girl who gave me the green light and led me into the trap.” Mr. Dam is not ashamed to admit that he is as faithful as his options.

Except for “Bien Noi Nho Va Em,” in which he has done a decent job of covering Phu Quang’s tune with his slightly over-sentimental style, Khoang Cach comes together like a theatrical soundtrack. In the slow opening “Chuyen Phim Toi,” Dr. Dam connects his love story to a chick flick. In the title track, he wears his heart on his sleeve over the Chinese-inflected melody. While “Doi Em Trong Mo” is for the club heads, “Dung Hoi Vi Sao” is for the twisting feet. Love him or loathe him, Mr. Dam will be around as long as his fans still enjoy his music acting.