Hien Thuc – Kim Nguu

One of the game’s hottest MILFs drops her 10th-solo Kim Nguu. The title, which named according to her Zodiac sign (Taurus), has nothing to do with the lollipop tunes on the album. It just goes to show how much Hien Thuc had invested in this CD.

The leadoff track, “Yeu Dau Theo Gio Bay,” kicks off with some nursery rhymes like “cay cay” and “bay bay.” Although Hien Thuc added some emotion to her singing, the lackluster production and the annoying rap murdered the song. “Nuoc Mat Pha Le” is even worse. It sounds like millions of other Chinese-infected tunes that spread like bird flu over the Vietnamese music scene.

From my personal experience, if an album released in Vietnam with a track in English, 99 percent of the time that CD ended up being mediocre. This one is no exception and the dead-boring “Never Say Goodbye” is a proof. Kim Nguu is apparent that Hien Thuc is in no competition with Hoang Thuy Linh in the pop-r&b-dance territory.