Another Daycare Drama

This morning Cu Dao didn’t get up until 7:30. He was an hour and a half late, but I am still on vacation so we let him slept in a bit. After feeding him and all, I took him to daycare. He started to cry as soon as we got to the door. After checking him in, I realized that I forgot his food. So I went back home to get it. When I returned, he was still crying (though not as hard as in the morning) on one of the teachers arm while the rest of the kids gather around playing. I just handed the food and left without him knowing I was there.

Since Duke started daycare, he had more time off than being in class, which makes getting used to daycare a bit more challenging. I feel bad for the teachers and I hope that they are not frustrated even though they seem to be very patience. Even though I am still on vacation, I still need to send him off to daycare so that he could make the transition faster.

Besides, I need to organize the house, something hard to accomplish with Duke around. The place is now neat and clean as a result of a whole day spent. It’s time to kick back with Miles.