Back From The Beach

I made through an entire week without my laptop and the Internet. All I did was relaxing with Dana, Duke and Davis. Yes, Miles Davis’s albums were the music on my iPod. Each morning Duke got up around 6:30 so I got up as well to change him, brush his teeth and feed him. Around 8am, Duke and I hit the boardwalk. Half an hour later, Duke fell asleep on the stroller thanks to the morning cool breeze from the shore. For two hours straight, I just let walked and enjoyed the coolness of Miles’s records. Now that is what a vacation is all about. All that we did was eat, sleep, and hang out by the beach with Duke’s grandparents. Duke’s aunts and uncles also joined us on the weekends.

The first weekend, I also picked up Sammy and Eric (my niece and nephew) in Lancaster to spend some time with us since I don’t get to see them often. I love the kids, but I am a little worried about Eric. He is a smart boy, but quite introvert. He is very emotional, but damn near impossible to know what’s on his mind. He just doesn’t tell you. The more you ask the more taciturn he gets. He was even more challenging than Duke. After returning him back to my sister, I couldn’t stop thinking about him. I wish I could spend more time with him to win his trust so he could talk to me and to change his McDonalds’ diet as well.

I am back in DC now and still have another week off. I did get to go to the Newseum the previous Friday before with Duke before we headed off to the shore. Duke loved the Metro ride and he was very good at the Newseum even though he still doesn’t have the patience for it. The Newseum was quite inspiring, especially for a designer like me. Lots of gorgeous newspaper designs with great use of typography. I will definitely come back again in the near future for longer observations. Tomorrow I have to organize the house so I am not sure if I can get to other attractions in DC.