Grandma is Leaving

We’re returning Cu Dao’s grandma back to grandpa this weekend after spending more than a year with us. Gone are the homemeals after work. Gone are the beautiful flowers around the house. Gone are laughter and the joy of having her around.

A year later and grandma remains the closest to Cu Dao. In a year she had spent more time with him than any of us. I can’t thank her enough for what she had done for us. At times I felt so guilty that she had to look after him for me and Dana to catch some sleep. We were just too damn tired. I don’t know how she could keep up with his energy for ten hours a day and I never see her fuss or complain. Duke smiles often and grandma has something to do with that.

After a year of living in the same house with grandma, one thing I had learned is her easy approach to life. She doesn’t allow anything to stress her out. She lives and works with what she has. For instance, she cooks with whatever we have in the kitchen. Unlike my mom who has to have all the right ingredients, she just substitutes whatever that needed to make the dish taste right. In way her, her cooking is quite creative. She approaches to anything else that way; therefore, her life is very laid back. She doesn’t need much to feel happy. I really admire that quality of her and I am learning to apply that lifestyle into my own.

Thank you mom for a wonderful year. We will miss having you around. If you miss Cu Dao, you are welcome back any time.