Cathy Speaks Out Heart to Heart

In an interview (1, 2 ,3) with Kristine Sa, Cathy Viet Thy was in tears when speaking about her public divorce with Johnny Tri Nguyen. She said that she was not attracted to him back when he started noticing her. Based on his old photos, I could see why. Johnny had some really girly hairdo back in the days. If Ngo Thanh Van saw him back then, he would had no chance. Viet Thi had done changed the little boy’s appearance by dressed him up and gave him a haircut. Still, a little boy is still a little boy. It’s time to let the little boy go and find herself a real man. I doubt that she will have a hard time finding one. Even though she has some wrinkles around her eyes from crying, she is still one hot MILF.