Last night, everyone slept well including Duke. He pulled through the night for the second time since the day he was born. Yesterday I packed quite a bit of fat food inside my body. In the morning, I had a coffee and a coffee cake at Starbucks. At noon, I had a hamburger and fries at the Foggy Bottom Pub. Around 4PM, I had a big piece of cake at our student worker’s farewell party. At dinner, my sister-in-law’s husband brought over a box of Popeye’s chicken. I had a Corona to wash down the fried chicken. After dinner, I felt mad sleepy. After giving Cu Dao a bath around 8:30pm, we went straight to bed. I woke up around 1:00am to cleaned the dining table and do the dishes. After that, I went back to bed again. Duke and Dana were still sleeping. I was surprise that Duke didn’t make any sound at all the whole night even though he moved around like the hand of the clock.