Notes From Super Baby Food

Some notes I jotted down while reading Ruth Yaron’s Super Baby Food. I thought these tips might be helpful to first-time parents; therefore, I post them on here.

First food (p.14): Whole grain cereals, banana, avocado, cooked sweet potato.

High chair (p.16): Never leave baby alone. Buy JPMA-certified products.

Best time for meal (p.23)
– Morning or early afternoon
– Introduce new food at breakfast or lunch, never supper
– Feed when he’s not too hungry
– Relax, confident, tolerant, smile at meal time (p.25)
– NEVER force baby to eat

Leftovers (p.26): Throw food away if contacted with baby’s saliva

Food Allergies (p.28)
– Wait four days to introduce new food (one at a time)
– Cow’s milk, soy, egg white, wheat, peanuts
– Honey, corn syrup (p.36)

Prevent burns in the kitchen (p.43)
– Pack your table cloths away

Prevent Dental Problems (p.43)
– Drink water or rinse after meals
– Clean teeth with Q-Tips
– No sleeping with bedtime bottles or while breastfeeding
– Soak toothbrush in Listerine and rinse well before placing in baby’s mouth

– No shoving!
– If baby doesn’t eat certain food, don’t push it (p.56)

Baby’s bottle should contain only milk (p.61)

– Tap water only. No bottled water (p.62)
– Use only cold tap water. Boil for hot water

– Must be pasteurized (p.65)
– To pasteurized: boil for 3-5 minutes to kill bacteria. Refrigerate immediately. Discard after two days.
– Juice should be diluted (p.65)

Vitamin Supplements
– Give with food and not on empty stomach (p.68)
– Baby needs iron. Not enough iron may cause serious health and development (p.69)

– Praise the good, ignore the bad (p.73)
– No toys during meal (p.71)
– Save a favorite toy when dine out

Food Hygiene
– Keep a spray bottle filled with water mixed with a few tablespoons of antibacterial dishwashing liquid near the sink (p.155)