Duke is Still Home

Cu Dao birthday party turned out well. He was too excited so he didn’t want to eat or sleep. He picked a pair of scissors and a bottle of pills at the same time. My guess is that he’ll cut you up and prescribe you some medication. So he’ll end up being a doctor. I hope.

Last night, he coughed his lung out and threw up too. He caught another virus so we couldn’t send him back to daycare. Grandma was suppose to go back to New Jersey after Cu Dao’s birthday, but she extended her staying to look after him until he recovered. Duke is very attach to grandma. Every time we try to put him to bed, he would crawl over to grandma’s room and knock on the door. If she opens the door, he would immediate hold on to her leg and jump onto her lap.

Seeing him sick makes me depress even more. I am feeling a bit under the weather today as well. Can’t wait to go home and rest and the little guy.

Bonjour Vietnam