Duke Still Stays Home

For some darn reasons I kept thinking yesterday was Thursday. When one of Cu Dao’s teachers called to check on him, I told her that Duke most likely going to stay home for the rest of the week since I thought it was already Thursday and we’ll send him back next Monday. His teachers are wonderful and caring. They called me each day to find out how the little guy is doing. Cu Dao still has some running nose and mild fever. His birthday is this weekend anyway so we don’t want to take another risk of him returning to daycare and get sick again.

Cu Dao has yet to walk on his own. He would push his music station or the little stool around the house. Sometimes he would walk with his hands touching the wall. Nowadays he crawls with his feet instead of knees. He looks so funny with his butt all up in the air. Cu Dao enjoys clubbing music these days. His favorites are Thanh Thao’s Remix 2010, Ung Hoang Phuc’s Greatest His (remix) and Hoang Thuy Linh’s Vol. 1. Yesterday, he rocked his body while nursing when I played Hoang Thuy Linh’s album. He was so cute.

I am still very excited about his birthday and still can’t believe how fast time had gone.