Chick & Hiromi – Duet

Chick Corea obviously loves to duet. It brings the best out of him and his partner too. His performance with another jazz legend Herbie Hancock was a masterpiece. His collaboration with the bluegrass banjo virtuoso Bela Fleck was an enchantment. His latest joint effort with the Japanese piano prodigy Hiromi is a phenomenon. What sets Corea/Hiromi apart from Corea/Hancock or Corea/Fleck is how the two sounded seamless together. Even on “Bolivar Blues,” you can’t tell who played Thelonious Monk’s fragmented chops, and not that you want to. They push each other, but each playing is a foil to the other. When Chick takes the lead (“Humpty Dumpty” for instance), Hiromi backs him up. Likewise, he complemented her on “Place to Be.” The mutual respect between the two pianists makes this two-set Duet a pure pleasure listening experience.