WordPress Manages iLoveNgocLan

When we launched iLoveNgocLan.com seven years ago, WordPress didn’t exist. Instead of putting together an informational web site dedicated to Ngoc Lan, I wanted to create a place where fans could share their love for one of the most beloved Vietnamese pop singers. I used B2 for the interaction and managed everything else in HTML.

iLoveNgocLan.com site started off well and I never intended to use a blog software as a CMS. Fans allowed to create an account and write whatever they want as long as the contents are related to Ngoc Lan. Then B2 became WordPress so I upgraded the system with the help from PHP Princess.

In seven years, WordPress works great for the site. As of this writing, we have 2,589 members, 1,478 posts and over 8,252 comments. In my recent redesign of iLoveNgocLan.com, I imported all the pages into WordPress and cleaned up the codes. My partner who is the administrator of the site no longer needs to FTP in to make edits.

WordPress is so flexible that I could create a customized theme without messing up the system. I simplified the template and use only one page (no separate header or footer) to control the entire site. Simplicity is the reason I love WordPress. I could completely edit the template with just a bit of PHP knowledge.

I didn’t give any instructions on how to use the admin interface, yet all of the members have figured out themselves how to register and post to the homepage. WordPress rocks and mad props go out the the development team behind her.

Bonjour Vietnam