I am not looking forward to go home this evening. I hate to disappoint Duke that we can’t go to the playground today because of the rain. The beautiful weather last week allowed us to spend time at the elementary school’s playground a block from our house.

Everyday last week whenever I stepped in the door, Duke expected me to take him to the playground and his corporation was a proof. He would stay still for me to change his diaper and to put on some warm clothes. I let him sat on my shoulder and off we went.

Duke met quite a few friends at the playground. Last Friday, he met a Spanish boy at his age. They sat on the ground and stared at each other. Last Thursday, he met three Vietnamese girls (3, 3.5 and 5 years old). The three year-old girl was so cute and she spoke great Vietnamese. She greeted me, “Con ten la Gina. Con 3 tuoi.” Later she said, “Con o trong bung me con luc con la baby.” I talked to them and did some sliding with Cu Dao on my lap. I really felt like a kid again. When it was almost time to go home, she said, “Ngay mai chu den som hon mot ti. Hom nay chu den tre qua.” Isn’t that just adorable?

Cu Dao is still too little to play at the playground so I had to be with him the whole time. We slide, climbed, and swung together. I enjoyed every precious moment together. It also gave me a moment to breathe and revive after a long working day. When Dana got home from work, she also joined us for a brief moment before we headed home and finished up the night.