Sade – Soldier of Love

Sade, the queen of understatement, and her minimalist musicians stir up some more quiet storms on Soldier of Love, their sixth studio release. The power of simplicity is strongest on the haunting beauty of “Morning Bird.” Accompanied by the spare piano chords and crisp tambourine rhythms, Sade sounds like a voluntarily trapped bird: “If you set me free, I will not run.” On the title track, Sade skillfully allows the sharp snare drums cuts through her smoky, soulful contralto like a soldier of love who has been torn up inside. “The Safest Place,” in which she sings with heartaches along the simple strumming guitar, quietly but unforgettably closes out the spellbinding album. As a mature artist with twenty-five year career under her belt, Sade knows how to do more with less and I am down with that.