Duke’s Update

We took Duke back to the pediatrician today to monitor his weight. Last month he dropped out of the curve on the chart. This morning he weighed 16 pounds and 7 ounces. He gained 8 ounces in a month. The doctor said that he is doing fine as long as he’s growing at his own term.

Cu Dao has been eating well and drinking milk regularly. He loves to try out new food so we give him whatever we feel it is safe for him to eat. We’re also planning on introducing him to whole milk very soon and hope that he’ll like it as much as the smoothie I made for him and myself after dinner.

Last weekend, we signed him up for the third-level Gymboree class. On Saturday, he didn’t come up to other kids nor tried to head-butt them. He was more like observing the whole time. On Sunday, we tried out a music class and he was not engaged at all. He was just in his own world. We hope that he will participate more in the future classes.