Thien Kim – Nguoi Dan Ba Di Nhat Mat Troi

On her new release, Nguoi Dan Ba Di Nhat Mat Troi, Thien Kim sounds bored out of her fucking mind. When taking on Truc Ho’s tunes in particular, what she really trying to tell him is, “Come on, boss! Do I really have to sing these songs again? Haven’t Lam Nhat Tien and Lam Thuy Van already covered the shit out of them?”

On the remixed version of Truc Ho’s “Vang Trang Tinh Yeu,” she delivers the track like she’s trying to catch some sleep than the club beat. Same goes toward the wimpy cha-cha on “Se Hon Bao Gio Het,” she wants to be cuddle under the sheet more than anything else. The lame-out, upbeat remix of “Mai Yeu Nguoi Thoi” shows that Mr. Truc Ho’s creativity has drought out. Like a manufacture, he makes beats to meet productions rather than expectations.

The most heartfelt moment on here—there has to be something—is unsurprisingly not from Truc Ho. Accompanied by Truc Sinh’s picking guitar and spare-arranged strings, Thien Kim pours out her heart and soul to express Van Dong (Duc Tien)’s lyrical emotion on the title track. Words of advice to “Nguoi Dan Ba Di Nhat Mat Troi”: It’s time to pick up the sun outside of Asia’s sky.