Goodbye Larry Layne

One of the coolest colleagues at GW School of Business had left us early this morning. Larry Layne worked as a specialist in the Office of Special Events, but he was the man to go to for anything around the school.

For me personally, Mr. Layne was the one who took great care of me while I am at work. I locked myself out coming to work several times, he was always there to let me in. At the school’s functions, he hooked me up with drinks (Hennessy and coke or cranberry and vodka) that only him could ordered from the bartender. When there was food leftover from any event, he would holler at me to grab some or he would just save me a plate. After a fancy or formal event, he would put away a centerpiece for me to give to my wife.

Best of all, Mr. Layne was always bringing a positive vibe around us. Whenever I felt stressed out, he was the man to go to. His energy and sense of humor were always appreciated. Unfortunately, cancer had taken a great man away from us. I will miss Mr. Layne enormously.