Some Updates on Duke

I am excited that Duke will go to our first-choice daycare, which is the Jewish Community Center of Northern Virginia, in the second week of April. It feels as if he has been accepted to Harvard. I’ve been checking on them almost everyday for an available spot. I hope Cu Dao will be happy there with other kids and teachers.

I haven’t been adding new photos of Cu Dao lately. It’s hard to take a good shot of him nowadays. He would rush over as soon as I pull out the camera and start to grab it. Not just the camera, he would dash from the living room to the kitchen as soon as one of us open the dishwasher or the refrigerator. One of his favorite toy is obviously the stereo system. Like a DJ, he switches records from jazz to Vietnamese to hip-hop every three seconds.

A hilarious moment happened Last week when we were driving back to New Jersey for Vietnamese New Year. Duke was sleeping for about two hours to soft music. Suddenly the CD player changed to Thanh Thao’s remixed album. He swung his feet as soon as the bass kicked it while his eyes still closed. I was just rolling and wished I have captured that on film.