Van Son 43 In Atlanta – Nhung Cung Dieu Que Minh

Viet Thao issued yet another warning to the audience in Atlanta. Nhung Cung Dieu Que Minh could be the last show from Van Son entertainment if the bootlegging problem won’t resolved. I urge you to go buy original DVDs from Van Son. Even if you can’t save the artless Titanic from sinking, you can at least help Van Son buy his dancers some decent outfits. From the performance of Cat Tien to Le Nguyen to the group’s closing, the dancers’ clothes (T-shirts and jeans) looked as if they were purchased from New York Chinatown for a dollar a pop.

Worst was Ngoc Ha’s outfit in “Con Co.” That dress looks like it was purchased on the clearance rack the day after Halloween. The outfit has nothing to do with a songbird, but more like a cheap ho. Ngoc Ha has gone from classy to trashy and her cans looked like they were upgraded. What the fuck is wrong with her? A gorgeous voice is now accompanied by a sex-up image.

Speaking of sex, Van Son’s production is laced with sexual references. The standup comedy between Van Son and Bao Quoc is outright disgusting. Hearing two old men talk dirty is really nasty, not funny. Bao Quoc came across like an old dirty, horny bastard, but that is nothing comparing to Viet Thao’s rapping. It’s really embarrassing to see a grown-ass man rapping none-sense and had the ball to say it’s “rap not rape.” You were raping hip-hop, Mr. Thao.

Why a guy would need surgery is beyond me, but Vietnamese operatic singer Linh Tam creeps me out as soon as the camera zoomed into his face. His eyes, nose and lips are so fucked up that you can’t tell if he’s turning into a she or vice versa. Van Son has recruited some really weird-ass people on the show like a guy who plays the flute with his nose and a bogus magician even though magician’s act is the most enjoyable part of the the show. The only visual attraction is Hoang Thuc Linh whose look is 8 out of 10, but whose voice is 4 out of 10.

If this is the kind of crap Van Son put out, he might as well close up shop. It seems like he has nowhere else to go, but down.