Introducing Le Mekong Vietnamese Cuisine

Just in time for Vietnamese New Year, I am proud to introduce the launch of a brand new web site for a grand-opening restaurant: Le Mekong Vietnamese Cuisine. Khanh Quynh, co-owner of the restaurant, is a young, creative lady who would like to get things right from the start. She knew what she wanted to do with the restaurant and she knew right from the beginning that marketing is essential.

At first, Ms. Quynh hired me to design the web site, but I also ended up creating print materials including logo, business cards, letterhead, flyers, gift certificate, envelope, handbook and server training cover. Her reason is that she would like a consistent look and feel across the board and she likes my simple style. I can’t argue with that.

I didn’t design the print version of the menus, even though Ms. Quynh would like me to, because it would be too much. I am not a graphic designer; therefore, I am not ready to take on the menus in the time frame that was set. The online menus, however, are the pages I am most proud of in this project. The items were presented using pure CSS instead of tables.

The logo is set in HL Thu Phap, an extremely popular Vietnamese typeface that is being used everywhere in Vietnamese publications. What makes this brand distinctive is the bright orange set against the brown background and complemented with the clarity of Univers. While the script suggests traditional Vietnamese, the san-serif gives a sense of modernness. I gave Ms. Quynh several designs, but this one seals the deal.

As you can see on the homepage’s slideshow, the interior colors of the restaurant match the colors of the web site. Like I said earlier, Ms. Quynh is very consistent. She sent me the palette right after she had a meeting with her interior designer and immediately I knew what the web site would look.

As for the code behind the scene, this straightforward web site is markup in HTML5 with a bit of CSS3 and a Flash slideshow. I also convinced Ms. Quynh to use Twitter as a marketing tool for her restaurant. She can tweet about new promotions or specials of the day on Twitter without having to hire me to update the web site for her. It’s a great, cost-saving way to get the words out. I also gave her Twitter page a similar look and feel.

Le Mekong has just opened for business in less than three weeks; therefore, some of the contents like press and events are still to come. I also whipped up the about page as well as the intro blurb on the homepage. If you live around Johns Creek, Georgia, come check it out and let me know what you think of the food. Just tell her you’re a friend of and you’ll receive 20% off. So what are you waiting for? Head to Le Mekong and treat your family a New Year dinner.