Thanks to the snowstorm, I am enjoying a wonderful time at home with my family. I get to play with Duke and get some work done as well. I really don’t need anywhere else to go and I don’t mind shoveling the snow at all even though it was twenty-something-inch high. With my iPod and my shovel, I can spend three or four hours digging and plowing.

In the past couple of days, Duke learned how to clap his hands and to give high five. He calls me “ba” all day long, except bed time. No matter how hard I try, I can’t get him to stop crying, but he would stop immediately as soon as his mom walks into the room. Night time is mommy’s time.

To celebrate the year of Tiger, Dana and grandma made about a dozen of sticky rice cakes (banh chung) to give to family and friends. We made seafood hotpot for dinner last night and played some Vietnamese New Year tunes. My sister-in-law and her husband jointed us for a hot, savory meal. We had some gin and tonic to complement the food.

Beside blogging and web design, my other passion is mix drink. Thanks to the iPod Touch apps, I can pull up any recipe anytime. I made a Lynchburg Tea the other day and loving it since, but gin is still my favorite spirit. She has such a fine, distinctive taste and she goes well with anything from Ginger Ale to 7 Up to tonic to cranberry juice to orange juice.

I made a shaker full of martini, which was three or four glasses, the other day to go with duck congee. I got wasted afterward due to lack of sleep. Next morning, I went out to plow the snow with a migraine. Almost fainted half way through the sidewalk. Went inside cooked up a really hot kimchi instant noodle. Blood shot off my nose, but the headache was gone. I knew I need to get some sleep and rest.

I am cutting back on my mix drink experimentation and trying to sleep more. Nas once rhymed, “I don’t sleep cuz sleep is the cousin of death.” I don’t know what death feel like, but lack of sleep sure feel like hell. The good thing about snow is I get to stay in bed a bit longer, but not too long before the little guy gets up.