A Declaration from Julie Tran

The best part about finishing a project is to see my client’s testimony. Thank Ms. Tran for this:

My Declaration:

I hold these truths to be self-evident, that all web designers are not created equal, that they are not endowed by their Creator with certain equal skills, that among these are: Creativity, Expertise, and the pursuit of Professionalism.

Creativity, indeed, is clearly indicated by Donny’s design of my new law firm website. He came up with the solution to solve the mess of having two separate sets of navigation, instead he combined the two together and let the fonts set them apart. He desires to create a unique website for you that reflects what you want.

Donny knows enough to know that less is more. Often a reader will read what is on the website if it’s simple and catchy enough.

I truly appreciate Donny’s professionalism, his quick responses to all my emails and questions. He can get things done quickly and way ahead of the schedule even if it means that he has to pull an all-nightner to complete it.

I must, therefore declare that Donny was created with exceptional skills!