Just Like Daddy

Some readers have noticed that the tone of my blog posts is lighter. Even when I use flowery language, my intention is to praise rather than to degrade. It’s true and being a father has something to do with it. I am more patience and I don’t sweat small stuff anymore, especially when dealing with children.

This blog has always been for grownups and I do not want my kids to be on here. In fact, I would ban them from reading this site, but we all know how kids are. They will do things parents don’t want them to do. Occasionally, we have some kid showing up here and acting up just to get my attention.

I know who you are and I know that you need love too. Your dad is not close by to ground you or to educate you. Trust me, I know how you feel. My dad is never around either, so I have to be my own man. I have learned to take care of myself and my family. I am grown now and I am confidence that I can be a great father figure. So please, give me a chance and I’ll make it up to you, just like daddy. I will take good care of you, but I will not hesitate to spank that ass if you get naughty.