Thanh Thao – Dance Remix 2010

Thanh Thao is not a bitch of a singer, but she is a bitch of the dance floor. On Dance Remix 2010, she packs together a bunch of mediocre hits and take them both to night and fitness clubs.

What makes Thanh Thao still has her foot in the pop scene all these years is her investment in productions. Mad props to the producers for the bass-pumping, energetic beats on the medleys that are helping me burning my calories. Even my little boy bounces when I play this record.

Thanks to the 808 drum machine, you can still get up and move your body to the most heart-breaking, close-to-reality lyrics: “Em khong tin xa nhau anh song mot minh anh… Neu khong tai anh thi em da co mot tinh yeu.” Although buried inside those pulsating bass and Chinese strings, her emotion and honesty delivered, as if underneath all the noisiness is a lonesome soul desiring to be heard.

Grabbing your heart while moving your feet is not easy to accomplish, but Thanh Thao has pulled it off. Ain’t that a bitch? Even though this is just the beginning of 2010, Remix is easily a dance record of the year.