Bang Kieu & Minh Tuyet – Mot Lan Nua Xin Co Nhau

Two of Thuy Nga’s biggest drama queens are back, obviously by popular demands. What makes Bang Kieu and Minh Tuyet a great match is their preference for infusing syrups into sugary puppy-love ballads. Diabetics are advised to stay away from their second-collaborated Mot Lan Nua Xin Co Nhau.

Right off the title track, the duet wastes no time baking up the Crème-Brûlée melodramas. “Ngay em rat can anh thi anh o dau? / Trien mien voi noi co don,” Minh Tuyet sings in her caramelized voice, and then Bang Kieu responses with, “Thoi gian da giup cho anh biet rang / Anh yeu em nhieu hon the.” They both soar on the chorus. Actually Bang Kieu is doing the soaring. Minh Tuyet is wise enough to not compete with his big-ass, feminine falsetto.

The title of Minh Tuyet’s solo “Loi Xin Loi Kho Co That Kho Noi” should tell you what the track is all about despite her low notes are barely audible. Bang Kieu closes out the album with “Mua Va Anh.” His effeminate emphasis on “mai” and “gio” will guarantee to get deep under your skin.