Duke Met Kathy

We were invited to Dana’s friend for some banging chao long (Gut porridge). One of Dana’s friend’s friend happened to be one of my friends from high school. She has a daughter who is two weeks older than Cu Dao. Kathy and Duke met for the first time last night. When we sat them face to face, they stared at each other for about ten seconds before Duke made the first move. He pulled out his left arm and tried to grabbed her. Then he crawled over and kissed her. Then he head-butted her lightly, but enough to make the little girl cried. It was so cute. I wish I could have recorded it.

On a different note, Duke has been refusing milk for the past week. Today, I stop feeding him solid altogether to get him to drink milk again. Trying to put a bottle into his mouth and he would scream and spit it right back out. Both of us took turns trying to feed him, but with not so much success. I was finally abled to give two ounces before he took a nap. The battle continues when he wakes up.