Is My Baby Gifted?

According to this post on trouble-sleeping baby: “In a gifted baby, this could mean he has a hard time dialing down on the stimulation so he can get some z’s.” I really hope so because Duke’s sleeping fussiness is a nightmare for us. He wears both of us out every night crying instead of sleeping. He could play forever if we allow him too. Last night, he put him to bed around 8:30, but he didn’t fall asleep until 9:45.

“Pretend play” is another sign of being gifted according to the article. If you look at this priceless moment, you can tell that he pretends to laugh at midpoint of the video. He’s either gifted or just being a good sport. Gifted or not, I am thankful and blessed to have him in our lives despite all the challenges he put us through.