Ngoc Anh – Giet Nguoi Trong Mong

Ladies, pour yourself a glass of Cosmo. Gentlemen, make yourself a glass of gin and tonic. Kick back with Ngoc Anh’s first U.S. release, Giet Nguoi Trong Mong, under Thuy Nga production, and I guarantee that you won’t kill each other. In fact, you will make luscious love to Ngoc Anh’s sultry voice paying homage to classic ballads.

Instead of reinventing familiar songs, she just lets her sexy timbre seduce you. Right off the opening title track, she makes you wish you were the one that she wanted to murder. If voice could kill, hers is a flying dagger straight to your heart. On Hoang Trong Thuy’s “Doan Khuc Cuoi Cho Em,” you could feel the quiet fire in her delivery and the warm intimacy in every breath she takes. She has no problem maneuvering her smoky, steamy vocals around Nguyen Anh 9’s bluesy “Mua Thu Canh Nau.”

It doesn’t hurt to have Tuan Ngoc and Bang Kieu show up next to her. Her duet with Bang Kieu on Do Le’s “Sang Ngang” is a better fit than with Tuan Ngoc on Hoang Thi Tho’s “Mot Lan Cuoi.” It would have been even better if Bang Kieu handled the female part and Ngoc Anh handled the male part, but that’s just me. Still, Giet Nguoi Trong Mong is a classic good taste that matches with a classy singer.

Bonjour Vietnam