Gucci Mane – The State vs. Radric Davis

“A man ain’t cheat / A man ain’t me,” Gucci Mane declares on the Keyshia Cole-assisted “Bad Bad Bad.” What makes Gucci so damn entertaining is his sense of lyrical humor. On “Sex in Crazy Places” for instance, he raps: “Don’t compare me to your ex-man / Baby, he’s a local joker / I’ll take you to Six Flags / And drill you on the roller coaster.” In addition to his punch lines, Gucci’s gruff voice, effortless flow and wise choice for beats shine through on The State vs. Radric Davis. Listening to him gets “Stupid Wild” along with Weezy and Killa Cam is a pleasure. Still the most inventive track is the opening “Classical.” Backing up by operatic vocals chanting his name, he shows off his fluid flow over the savory Southern beat sprinkled with classical piano on top.