Duke’s First Buffet

Last Friday, we decided to take Duke and grandma to Blue Pearl Buffet because we haven’t been to a Chinese buffet for a year. It turned out to be the first buffet I ended up eating instant noodle later on that night. The food was not so bad. I just didn’t get a chance to eat.

We put Duke in a high chair and fed him his food. Two spoons later he was no longer interested in eating. He was just screaming out of excitement and everyone in the restaurant could hear him. To calm him down, we gave him a some jello to play with. It was a bad idea even though he stayed quiet for about five minutes. He smashed the jello and smacked them all over the place including his face and head. Dana cleaned him up and held him for a bit while I was trying to gorge down some dishes.

There was a Vietnamese couple next to our table with a two-year-old boy. He was a very nice kid. He came over touched Cu Dao’s hand and feet. He liked it by smiling back, but as soon as the boy went back to his table, Cu Dao would scream again. He wanted to play with the big boy.

I didn’t want to disturb another patrons who went out and paid for a nice and calm meal at the restaurant with Duke’s yelling. He was not fussing or crying, just screaming out of excitement. Silly little boy. We probably won’t take him to a another buffet until he’s a bit older.