Two years ago, I left Vassar behind to join The George Washington University School of Business for personal reason. I couldn’t let go of someone who I knew I would spend the rest of my life with, even though we weren’t even engaged. It was a bold move for me because Vassar was the place I wanted to be professionally. I loved the folks I worked with and I got to design.

GWSB was quite a transition for me. I had to switch from being a web designer to a webmaster. I moved from designing original web sites to following a designed template and I hardly get to work on something from scratch. Furthermore, I am just a one-man shop since I don’t have a group of designers and developers to bounce ideas off with.

The different environment forces me to adapt to the new changes. Most of the time I have to come up with the solutions myself. Sometimes I have to take on more roles than just the web like print, marketing, coordinate, as well as research. In a way, it’s rewarding to learn different aspects of communication.

Although I don’t get to collaborate with my peer designers, I get to work with folks in different field like writer, videographer and advertiser. The trade off of not designing much allows me to focus on the contents and conserves my creative fuel to take on freelance projects. The new adjustments actually work out well for me. Adaptability challenges to grow and I am grateful for that.