A Critique of Nguyen Khang’s New Site

Nguyen Khang launched a new site and he has been very enthusiastic about it. He posted on his Facebook page and sent out a blast email asking for feedback of his site. One of the site’s admins also asked me to weigh in on the new site. Since they sound so sincere about it, I’ll give them an honest critique in hoping that him and his team could improve the web experience.

The site opens with a flashy “Happy New Year” animation. It looks cute, but New Year is over. It’s time to take it down. The main page is simple, stark and dramatic, which is very fitting to Nguyen Khang’s dark, compelling style. The design is straightforward and beautiful until you look under the hood. Whoever put the site together is obviously not a web designer. While the visual is hip and cool, the code is at least 10 years old. The extremely unaccessible markups seemed as if they were exported straight from Photoshop with the images sliced up. If you were to turn off image in your browser, all you see is a blank black page with just the footer.

The site designed with tables instead of CSS for layout. The pictures take at least a minute to load. The blog is obviously coming from a free WordPress theme; therefore, you can see the drastic different from the rest of the pages. So there you have it my friend. You know I don’t bullshit. It’s now up to you to make the site function better.