Craiglist-PayPal Scam

I was assigned to sell the office’s Panasonic Camcorder on Craiglist. I listed the item on Monday and received two interested buyers with very similar purpose:

Rebecca Law:

Thanks for your mail,i am buying the item for my son who school in oversea.i will add $60 for shipping,i will have do it local transaction but i am out of town presently…so you can get me back with your paypal email account so i can pay now.hope to hear from you soon.
best regard

I wasted my time responded to her back and forth about how I can’t use my personal PayPal account for the school and dismantled the deal. Today I received another inquiry from Mon Wall:

Thanks for your reply… I’ll like to buy your item and pay you with cash through my PayPal account.. Currently I’m out of the State and won’t be available for pick up. moreover, I’m buying this item for my company agent located oversea as a gift, i’ll add the sum of $100.00 to the amount to cover the shipping expenses to him through (USPS) Global Express mail International 8-10 days business. i want you to send to me your PayPal account id, so that immediate payment can be done, and if you are new to PayPal, you can easily log on to and set up an account with them with either your Bank account Information or your Credit/Debit Card details and its simple and easier, just in few secs; you get your account activated. PayPal is very secure and reliable.. anticipate a favorable response from you.

Get back to me immediately.

Thanks, but no thanks. Anyway, if you’re around Metro area and interested in the Camcorder, come by and see me.