Holiday Break

I am taking a much-needed break from now until next year. I need to rejuvenate myself and spend time with my family, especially with little Duke. I feel that I have not spent enough time with him. On Christmas day, he will be eight months. Time is flying and Duke is growing up way too fast. I want to enjoy the time while he’s still young.

We will be traveling to New Jersey tonight to be with the in-law side until Friday night then head to Pennsylvania to be with my family. Somehow the schedule has been working out so perfectly that we always Christmas dinner at my in-law on Thursday night and another one at my big family gathering on Saturday night. When my big family (aunts, uncles cousins, nieces and nephews) gets together, the party never ends before 2am. We just eat and talk and eat some more and talk a lot more.

We’ll drive back to Virginia on Sunday because my wife has to go to work. I’ll get to spend more time with Duke then. My mom will also come to stay with us for a week. It’ll be nice to be with her as well.

In any rate, I wish you all a holiday season filled with joy, love, and food. See you all next year for lots of new, exciting stuffs.