Dumbfoundead – Fun With Dumb

Upon listening to Dumbfoundead’s “Bullets of Truth” prompted to cop his debut Fun With Dumb. The track shows this Asian rapper has some serious swag and he could push 100 bars without a pause. His lyricism is also top-notch. Unfortunately, Fun With Dumb is a dumb-down joke. Tracks like “Rapper-O’s,” “Cockblockers,” and “She Don’t Care” are cute, especially with coined terms like “choppy chaser” and “broke digger,” but you just can’t take them earnestly. I was expecting some sort of Eminem’s or Talib Kweli’s quality, but I was getting Ludacris’ comical rhymes instead. Maybe I would have a different expectation if I didn’t come across “Bullets of Truth” first.