The Takeover

Duke is the smallest guy, yet he takes up most of the space in the house. Over the weekend, we put in a futon mattress in one of our four bedrooms for Duke. So now he has a playroom, a bedroom, a crib in our room, and a whole living room to himself.

We only used the mattress in his room for the obvious reason: so he won’t fall off his bed. Cu Dao actually has been really smart about crawling off the bed. He would only come close to the edge of the bed and then would turn back no matter what I tried to get him to go further. Even with just the mattress, he wouldn’t go off it.

Now that Duke has his own bed. He should be able to sleep by himself, yet I am the one who ended up sleeping by myself because his mom can’t leave him alone. It’s nice though since I get a whole bed to myself and don’t have to get up in the middle of the night. Occasionally I do miss getting punch in the nose by Duke’s forehead.