Duke is My Inspiration

For the past couple of weeks, I have been working like there’s no tomorrow. I am taking on a couple of very exciting projects for both GWSB and consulting. Lately, I have been very motivated to design and I have to thank Duke for it.

Watching him sleep every night somehow inspires me. After Dana nurses him to sleep in our bed, it’s my job to watch him in case he wakes up and crawls off the bed. He no longer sleeps in his crib. With a reading light, a stool to sit on, and the corner of the bed as a computer desk, I have been working way past midnight cranking out designs and codes for my consulting works.

The night is so quiet and the only sound I would hear is when Duke twists and turns. All I have to do is tapping his butt and he would go back to sleep. Sometimes I just look at him and so damn proud of myself.