Developing with Web Standards

Complementing Jeffrey Zeldman’s third edition of Designing with Web Standards, John Allsopp’s Developing with Web Standards is a comprehensive guide for web designers and developers who seek to implement latest technologies including HTML5, CSS3 and DOM into their projects. Allsopp’s vast knowledge of web development combined with his clear, simple instructional approaches come through on the pages.

Allsopp takes us all the way back to the basics of markup (HTML) and core concepts of presentation (CSS). For those who come late to the industry, the first part of the book will help you understand the important aspects of web standards. For those who have been in the game for years, part one and two are great for refreshing your knowledge and picking up things that you might have missed. The third part is where Allsopp delves into the principals of HTML5, CSS3, web fonts, and SVG.

Whereas Designing with Web Standards is recommended for directors, clients and the big bosses, Developing with Web Standards is without a doubt is a must-read for designers and developers.