Grandma and Duke

Duke has been very fortunate to have such a loving grandma watching his every move. Since they spend most of the day together, the bond between them is transparent. No one can feed him more bottles than grandma. No one understands Duke better than grandma. He knows when it is time for a stroll. If the weather permits, they stroll around the block. If the weather doesn’t, they stroll around the house. Just watching them strolling around the tiny space inside the house warms my heart. Now that Cu Dao can crawl, he follows her wherever she goes.

When being asked how grandma feels about taking care of Cu Dao, her response was that she gets to know a child better even though she has three kids of her own. At that time, she was busy making ends meet; therefore, she didn’t get to see how her children grew. Now it’s a joy for her to witness every progress he makes.

Last month, grandparents went on a cruise vacation for ten days. Grandpa said that grandma missed Cu Dao so she opened up her cell phone and browse through the photos she had taken of him. In a few months, grandma will no longer take care of Cu Dao. She has to babysit someone else. I am sure they’ll miss each other, but I will remind him the time he spent with his grandma so he won’t forget.

I love this photo of them together.

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