Ray’s Hell-Burger

It sure felt like hell after shoving down a 10-ounce meat at Ray’s Hell-Burger. Two days ago, the weather was nice so I called up Dana for lunched. We decided to give the much-hyped burger joint (after the Obama visit) a try. We didn’t realized that Ray’s the Steak is now Ray’s Hell-Burger. I had the Soul Burger Number One cooked as recommended: warm red center. I mistakenly ordered B.I.G. POPPA for Dana instead of Big Punisher for Dana. The Soul Burger was big and juicy, which caused the bun to be soggy. It was good, but not extraordinary. I would prefer more greens to go with the big red meat. Dana didn’t like her POPPA too much because the blue cheese was too strong, which overpowered the meat. After lunch, I felt bloated the whole day even though I tried to ran it off.