Norah Jones – The Fall

Norah Jones has changed. She trimmed her hair, broke up with her boyfriend, dropped the keyboard and picked up the guitar. She even abandoned pop jazz for soft rock on her forth release The Fall. As for her singing, Norah remains Snorah. “It’s Gonna Be” is the only tune she sounds awake. Most of the time she rocks without getting out of bed. Even when the beats kick up a notch, she still lays back. “Light as a Feather” is best described her flow. That’s not a bad thing since she no longer sings about romance. Gone are the lyrics of “To not touch your skin is not why I sing.” On breakup tunes like “I Wouldn’t Need You,” “Waiting” and “Even Though,” her mood gets bleaker and she is unapologetic about thanking her ex’s father for raising him “so damn wrong.” Jones is slowly and consciously transforming her style.