Quang Ly – Cung Tram

Cung Tram is Quang Ly’s most personal record. “Xin Cam On” is an ode to his wife. “Me Oi Con Nho Me” is an eulogy to his mother. “Co Bao Gio Phoi Phai” and “Sai Gon Chieu Cuoi Nam” are his recollections of Hue’s drops of sunshine and Sai Gon’s peacefulness in the city’s hustling atmosphere. Accompanied by straightforward, mellow arrangements, provided by Hoai Sa, Viet Anh, Bao Phuc, and Vinh Tam, the eight tunes he has written lack the sweet melodies he had accustomed to, yet they are deeply intimate. Quang Ly claims that he made this album for himself. In that regard, he had succeeded.